How to Change Your GoDaddy Nameservers

Below, you'll find detailed instructions for changing your GoDaddy nameservers (also known as DNS servers). This is necessary if you signed up for web hosting after creating your domain name or you're switching to a new web hosting company.

How to Change Your GoDaddy DNS Servers

Step 1 - Go to GoDaddy's Website

Step 2 - Open the GoDaddy Domain Management Page

On GoDaddy's home page, if you hover over Domains in the main menu with your mouse, you'll see the screen shown below.

GoDaddy Domains Menu

Click the Domain Management option, which is located on the bottom-right.

Step 3 - Select Your Domain Name and Click Set Nameservers

Click the check box next to your domain name. This will enable the Nameservers drop-down menu option, which is above the list of domains in the image below. Next, hover over the Nameservers icon with your mouse, and click Set Nameservers.

GoDaddy Domain Manager

Step 4 - Enter Your New Nameservers

Select the I have specific nameservers for my domains option and enter the new nameservers that were given to you by your web hosting company.

If you're using HostGator for your web hosting, you should have been emailed your nameservers in the account information email you got after signing up for your account.

GoDaddy Change DNS Servers

Once you click, OK, your change request will be submitted. It will usually take less than 2 hours for the nameservers to be changed, but it can take up to 48 hours in some cases.