How to Change Your HostGator Primary Domain Name

HostGator web hosting plans have a main (or primary) domain name that is associated with each hosting account. If you used a temporary domain name when creating your HostGator account or are changing domains, you'll need to tell HostGator about the new one for your primary domain name to function properly. In this short guide, we'll explain exactly how to do this.

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Step 1 - Login to Your Billing Account

Your billing account is different than your normal web hosting control panel account. You can access the billing page at the following link:, which was also included in the account information email you got after signing up.

You'll then be asked for your billing account email and password. As mentioned before, the billing password is different than your normal control panel password, and it's also mentioned at the top of the account information email.

Step 2 - Go to View Hosting Packages

Once you're logged in, you'll see the Hosting Packages section in the bottom-left part of the page.

HostGator Billing Account Hosting Packages

Click the View Hosting Packages option.

Step 3 - Click Change My Domain

You should now see an option called Change My Domain. Once you click that option, you'll be asked for your new domain name.